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Title: For Love of a Child (1/?)
Fandom: Third Watch
Authors: NYPDBosco and X_tremeroswellian
Rated: PG-13 for language, violence and adult content
Disclaimer: We didn’t own them then, we don’t own them now. Don’t sue. Thanks!
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Note: Uh, so I just realized I hadn't posted this conclusion from 2007. *facepalm* Sorry. I suck.

Previous Parts: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven

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My favorite quote so far from season one, episode two--Anywhere But Here.

Davis: I feel like I'm riding around with my grandmother.
Carlos: She's pretty quiet?
Davis: Nah. She's a bitch.
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My dream started off with Bosco (my deceased guinea pig). I had somehow found a way to bring him back to life. But it only lasted for like an hour. But I'd captured it on video tape and had taken it in to show my coworkers Nabila and Vivian.

As I was contemplating how to bring him back permanently, I sat down to watch a new episode of Third Watch (which was cancelled ages ago, so weird...) and it was a normal start to an episode and all of a sudden Kim turned around and there was this huge wave of water crashing into the city and the Statue of Liberty was floating down the street.

At which point there was an interruption from the news saying that New York had been wiped out entirely by a flood and that the flood was spreading from there all across the country.

So everyone was packing their stuff and hopping into cars and driving as far West as they could. I was trying to figure out how to get all the stuff I would need into a small car with my parents. I packed up all kinds of stuff for my piggies, every CD I owned, and a few clothes. *scratches head* I drove to Lea's house as she was packing her stuff and hugged her and told her goodbye and I loved her and I hoped she'd make it to safety because she was heading somewhere different from me. I knew I was never going to see her again.

So then somehow I was to safety and was watching the news coverage and such of everyone else trying to make it to safety and it flashed on a couple people who'd gone to Alaska and they were walking across all the ice and snow and the ice got very thin and they were afraid they were going to fall through so they laid down on their stomachs and the girl was peering down through the ice and a huge polar bear swam right toward her and crashed through the ice. O.o And then it said, "To find out what happened, go see the movie."


I have the weirdest dreams ever.
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So I've been working on this young adult novel I started in...the summer of 2003. O_O Wow, almost four years. It's what I've been working on the last few Friday's when I've gone to Panera Bread and/or Starbucks. It's rapidly approaching what I envisioned as the end. Well, I wrote four handwritten pages of this story on Sunday...and came to the conclusion that everything up until that point kinda sucks. Heh.

In my mind, I'm already editing and rewriting and draft one isn't even finished yet. So far my inner editor has come to the following conclusions: one of my secondary characters needs to become a minor character, and the other needs to become a co-main character. The entire plot needs serious revamping (and by serious I mean stabbing it in the heart and replacing it with a new one).

I'm seriously considering calling a couple old friends from the writing critique group I used to be a part of and seeing if they wanna get together every couple weeks or something for a support/critique session. I'm getting to the point with original writing where I feel like I need that again.

In additon to that, I've got three freelance articles due by the 15th of February, which I have yet to really start on. I need to review my process...background research on each subject, basic list of questions, interviews, more research, then actual writing. Ugh. First off, why the heck did I decide to do *three* as I jump back in the freelance game? Oh yeah, I need the money. :P

And yeah, for those of you waiting on a fic update, I apologize...I've been rather ill the last few days and haven't felt like sitting at a computer. I'll have the next chapter up soon, hopefully.
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For the Love of a Child, Chapter Four.

Chapter Four. )
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Just a little note: [livejournal.com profile] nypdbosco and I were talking and realized we have a TON of Third Watch fanfic that we finished ages ago and never posted. So...we decided to start posting it.

Title: For Love of a Child (1/?)
Authors: NYPDBosco and X_tremeroswellian
Rated: PG-13 for language, violence and adult content
Disclaimer: We didn’t own them then, we don’t own them now. Don’t sue. Thanks!
Feedback is Love :D

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That I was a spy for the CIA and was good friends with Sydney Bristow.

Now let me admit something here...I've never, to my recollection, ever dreamt about Alias before. Dreams are what generally eggs me into becoming a part of a fandom. I find it odd and a bit depressing that now I dream about it as there are only what...three more episodes left? I'm not about to hop into a fandom where the show's ending. That's just not healthy for me.

I'm actually pretty happy in the Smallville fandom...you never really know when you get into a show and start writing fic how you'll be received by the other fans, but everyone's been so nice and welcoming and I feel right at home here.

That being said, there are days where I intensely miss previous fandoms I've been in: Roswell, Angel, Third Watch...and most of all right now...Joan of Arcadia.

I know it's because of the approaching date, but yesterday I sat in front of my computer and just stared blankly at the screen for hours as writer's block seized me in my current SV fic...because all I could think about was how much I miss Joan and Grace and Judith and Luke and Adam and...well, you get the idea. *sigh*

In some tiny and stupid self-centric way I feel like it's my fault that the show didn't get revived because if I had just done more with the campaign, then maybe another network would've picked it up. I know rationally that's retarded because I SO don't have that much control over the universe, but there's still that lingering feeling that I just can't get rid of.

If Smallville, God forbid, gets canceled, I'm done. No more fandom anything for me. My little fandom heart can't take it anymore.
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I came across a Third Watch fic I'd written like, two years ago...it was going to be the story to end my 'There For You' series...doubt if anyone remembers that, heh. But anyway, I realized I never posted it and since I'm likely not going to be writing anymore There For You fics...I was wondering if anyone would be interested in reading it?
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Title: Angels of Christmas Eve
Authors: NYPDBosco & Xtremeroswellian
Rating: Safe for all ages

NOTE: This story was written as if Emily Yokas died from her drug overdose.

Angels of Christmas Eve. )
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Title: An Angel Brings Good News
Authors: NYPDBosco & Xtremeroswellian
Rating: Okay for everyone
Storyline: Faith learns what she means to others existance.

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Title: Because It's Christmas
Authors: NYPDBosco & Xtremeroswellian
Rating: Good for all ages

Storyline: A twist on after Faith was shot in Season 4.

Because it's Christmas. )
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Title: Santa Got Runover by a Mustang
Authors: NYPDBosco & Xtremeroswellian
Rating:Safe and fun for the whole family
Storyline: Santa Clause got runover by a...Mustang? Who is going to deliver the toys?!

Santa Got Runover by a Mustang. )
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Title: So Delightful
Authors: NYPDBosco and Xtremeroswellian
Rating: Naughty...and nice
Pairing: Bosco and Faith

Storyline: Faith's being a scrooge. Can Bosco get her in the Christmas spirit?

So Delightful. )


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