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What you should know before friending me.

Real Life Facts:

I'm 30, single, and quite happy about that considering all the couples I know in RL (Real Life) are unhappy.

I love animals. I consider myself a pouletarian(sp?) meaning I only eat chicken and turkey. And of course vegetables and some fruits. And chocolate. :P

I work at a domestic violence shelter as an adminstrative specialist. I love my job, and my co-workers. They're like a second family. Of course this means from time to time I want to choke some of them, but hey. What's family without a little strangling? :P

I have two guinea pigs, Faith and Bosco, whom were named from my love of those characters from the NBC show, Third Watch. Edited: Bosco passed away on Nov. 2, 2007. I now have a baby pig named Isabel who is currently under quarintine before becoming Faith's new cagemate. It pained me to get another piggie because I loved Bosco SO very much. But guinea pigs are social animals and Faith was lonely, so we now have Isabel. Addendum: I now have three guinea pigs. Faith passed away April 11, 2009. I now have added Buttercup and Chloe guinea pigs to my family. Edit: Buttercup passed away November of 2009. I am down to Chloe and Isabel now.

I've had this journal since 2003, but there is stuff backdated all the way back to 1998.


I'm pretty liberal, though I have some conservative leanings. I'm a fan of President Obama. I am pro-choice, pro-death penalty, pro-gun ownership, and anti the war in Iraq. We don't have to agree on these subjects, but don't expect to change my mind on them. If I'm having a bad day and you try to change my opinion, you might end up defriended. :P Respect my opinions and I'll do the same for you.

Friending Policy:

If you wanna friend me, that's great, be my guest. If you want me to friend you back, you should leave me a comment on one of my entries. :) As long as we have stuff in common and you don't seem buckets of crazy I'll likely friend you back.

My fandoms, past and present:

Alias, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Third Watch, Roswell, Smallville, Supernatural, X-Files, Sliders, Joan of Arcadia, Jericho, Lost, Dawson's Creek, All My Children (way past) and One Life to Live (way past).

My Ships:

Current: Oliver Queen/Chloe Sullivan (Smallville), Tyler Lockwood/Caroline Forbes (Vampire Diaries), Elena Gilbert/Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries).

In the past: Dean Winchester/Chloe Sullivan (Supernatural/Smallville), Sam Winchester/Chloe Sullivan (Supernatural/Smallville), Chloe Sullivan/Clark Kent (Smallville)Comment on Fanfiction and Real Life Posts:

All of my fanfic is public. Most of my real life posts are friend's locked or private. This is due to the fact that...well, I have trust issues. You never know who might be reading what you have to say and you can never be too careful.

Live Journal Fandom Disclaimer:

This LJ is run by X_tremeroswellian. The characters from "Angel," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Dawson's Creek," "Joan of Arcadia," "Roswell," "Sliders," "Smallville," "Supernatural," "The X-Files," "Third Watch" and any other shows that may appear in this LJare not mine. I own nothing. My real name is not Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt, Kevin Williamson, Barbara Hall, Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, Tracey Torme, Chris Carter, Eric Kripke, Al Gough, Miles Miller, Edward Allen Bernero or John Wells. I'm not making any money whatsoever. The fandom in this LJ is simply for fun. No infringement is intended. I have no affiliation with the WB, FOX, UPN, CBS, CW, the Sci-Fi network, Universal, Paramount, Grr...Arrggh, NBC, so on and so forth. No affiliation with "I made this!" productions, etc, etc, etc. In all honesty, I am a poor, bored, and broke person in the social service field who has no real life whatsoever. If you try to sue me...well, I guess I could probably come up with some dust bunnies underneath my bed for you.

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